Exploring the properties and applications of A798/A798M-13 Steel Grade

Exploring the properties and applications of A798/A798M-13 Steel Grade

ASTM A798/A798M-13 is a standard specification for steel reinforcing bar mats for concrete reinforcement. The steel grade referred to in this standard is A798/A798M-13.

The chemical composition of A798/A798M-13 steel grade is not explicitly mentioned in the standard. However, it is expected to meet the general requirements for carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, copper, and chromium content as specified in other ASTM standards for steel materials.

The mechanical properties of A798/A798M-13 steel grade specify the requirements for yield strength, tensile strength, elongation, and bendability of the steel reinforcing bar mats. These properties ensure the strength and durability of the reinforced concrete structures.

The application of A798/A798M-13 steel grade is primarily in the construction industry. It is used for reinforcing concrete in various structural applications such as buildings, bridges, highways, and other civil engineering structures. The steel reinforcing bar mats provide additional strength and stability to the concrete, enhancing its load-bearing capacity and resistance to cracks and failures.

In summary, the A798/A798M-13 steel grade is a type of steel reinforcing bar mat that conforms to the ASTM A798/A798M-13 standard. It has specific mechanical properties suitable for concrete reinforcement and finds application in various construction projects.

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